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Cedar Ventures is a financial advisory/consulting and investment banking firm that raises debt and equity capital for companies including medical real estate projects, Assisted Living/Senior Housing, multi-family housing, manufacturing, alternative energy, port facilities and other infrastructure projects. Cedar raises debt for these projects through the use of tax exempt and taxable bonds. The principals of Cedar have executed over $1 billion of tax exempt bonds. Cedar has also assisted with mergers, acquisitions and sales of companies, business development, strategic consulting and marketing services and participates in a federal tax credit program for businesses located in low income or rural areas.

 Cedar Ventures has been establishing contacts and relationships with Middle Eastern investors. Cedar has an associate based in the Middle East that also runs a medical distribution business. Cedar has a strategic partner with offices in China and relationships with Chinese investment funds.


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            Cedar Ventures
2870 Peachtree Road #450
Atlanta, GA 30305
(mailing address)

Tel 404 239 8416
Fax 404 239 8417
            Cedar Ventures has an Advisor with operations in Lebanon and the Middle East. 

Cedar Ventures supports
the recent rebuilding of the
Beirut Maghen Abraham Synagogue.






Securities are executed through Moody Capital Solutions, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC listed. Karen Kassouf is a registered principal of Moody. www.moodycapital.com