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Investment Approach

In a few, very select cases, Cedar Ventures acts as a fund-less sponsor helping to deploy the capital of a few select funds. At this time, we do not have capital for start ups.

  • Funds ranging in size from $150 mm - $200 mm and higher focused on healthcare services, life sciences and information services;
  • $100 mm early stage focused fund with industry preferences in technology, life sciences including medical devices and drugs as well as health care information technology, healthcare services.
  • Private equity fund made up of high net worth individuals investing in companies with ebitda of $2 mm + in manufacturing consumer products, recurring-revenue service businesses, Professional services, High-value distribution businesses and a geographic focus in the Midwest.

Project Finance and Bond Financings

The principals of Cedar have executed over $1 billion of bond financings for health care facilities, public power, manufacturing and utilities. We are now focused on project financings for hotels, multi family housing, alternative energy, Senior Housing, Assisted Living, long term care facilities, port and transportation facilities and manufacturing. About 70%-80% of total project cost can be financed on a non-recourse, no personal guarantee basis. Fixed rates with terms ranging from 10-30 years are available.

Cedar has also worked with EB5 funding sources on a few of its transactions, providing the equity.

Cedar's experience in start-up and early stage investing enhances its ability to get project financings completed. It is sensitive to the due diligence mind set of the bond lender.


Over the last 5-7 years, Cedar has established a network of investors in the Middle East and has a focus on the Levant. Cedar has an associate in the region that is a principal in a medical distribution business whose territory covers the Middle East North Africa region. Areas of special interest are in the internet/IT area, specialty pharmaceutical, food and agriculture and medical products. Investors in this region are also interested in purchasing US companies.
General Investment Criteria:

  • Proven product and revenue stream
  • Other seasoned venture/investor support and ownership
  • Reasonable valuations;
  • Attractive market niche;
  • Strong management with relevant experience and the ability to execute quickly.
  • Innovative products protected by intellectual property or other defensible barriers to competition
  • Sustainable business model with a clear road to profitability

2014 Update: Given the war and the situation in Syria, investment opportunities in the Middle East are more limited. We are hopeful that this situation will change.


Investors with whom we have co-invested in the past include:


  1. J.H. Whitney
  2. Hambrecht & Quist
  3. CGJR (Chris Grant), now Salix
  4. EGL Holdings (Atlanta)
  5. BancBoston Ventures
  6. St. Paul Venture Capital
  7. Oxford Bioscience Partners
  1. Bessemer
  2. Franklin Ventures (Nashville)
  3. Hickory Ventures (Alabama)
  4. Richland Ventures (Nashville)
  5. Essex Woodlands Health Ventures
  6. Galen Associates
  7. JP Morgan Chase


Exited Portfolio companies

Navix Radiology Taunton, Massachusetts
NAVIX provided a turnkey solution for the Funding, Operation, Maintenance and Updating of a Diagnostic Testing Program. In addition to the salaries related to employing technologists. It also provides a more convenient testing option for patients. With over 20 years experience in the provision of Diagnostic Testing, Navix offers more modalities than any other company of it's kind including: Nuclear Medicine, Echocardiography, Vascular / Urological / OB-GYN Ultrasound, Holter Monitoring, External Counter Pulsation (ECP), Sleep Testing and Vein Ablation Programs. www.navixdiagnostix.com

FemPartners Houston, Texas
A women's healthcare specialty management company focused exclusively on women's health care. The company affiliates with premier physicians groups to improve practice growth and profitability through managed care contracting, ancillary services development operations. www.fempartners.com